Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Winner or whiner?

Shilpa 'Paki' Shetty's father is a proud man. He ought to be. After all, according to the television and print media, his daughter has done the whole country proud. By being crowned the 'winner' of an abhorrent show which till recently was struggling for viewership in Great Britain.

Like we have no better reasons to celebrate.

The show 'Big Brother' thrives on scheming and plotting individuals, who are influenced and coerced by the people running the show, to provoke and unnerve other participants. It cashes in on our tendency to peep into other's lives and derive sadistic pleasure from watching them breakdown.
Good for the producers. It gets them good ratings and returns. Good for the viewers. Anything for entertainment. Good for Shilpa ( and other participants). Its great money!

However, the furore made by our netas (and abhinetas) over the controversy is most amusing. Certain comments made by a few retarded individuals with a collective IQ of around 20, actually threatened to become a diplomatic issue between the two countries.
We would rather have the Queen apologize for this, than for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

After all apologies are accepted, we would go back to our normal business.We would classify all foreigners into 'Gora', 'Kaala' and 'Chinki' categories. Then we will continue calling all South Indians as 'Madraasi' , all Northies as 'Bhaiyya' and all Maharashtrians as 'Ghati'.

We can do that. But if they do it, its a sin. "All goras are racists! How dare they call us brown??". Hypocrisy, anyone?

Ms. Shetty deserves credit though . She played the right moves, stuck to a plan and ended up with the grand prize and hordes of other new offers.
The one thing that i realized from all this , Shilpa can act!

At least, we don't have to see her whine anymore.

Post Script: I am all for reality shows and the drama associated with those. It makes good TV. But the grouse is against those who give undue importance to these shows. The government should have better things to do. Or at least pretend that ways.

Monday, January 29, 2007

For everything else, there is Mastercard.

Pure happiness. The look on the li'l boy's face is priceless. I just hope this is an authentic photograph and not some advert. It is a masterpiece nonetheless.

Note: For the benefit of those facing problems opening the image, the following is the description at the bottom of the photograph-

'A 6-year-old orphan from Austria ecstatically embraces a brand-new pair of shoes just given to him by the Red Cross'.

Hello, main bhagwan bol raha hoon??!!

Now this is funny

Whatever next? A call from GOD to thank you for the donation? Note that the incoming call from heaven will also cost you Rs. 8/ per minute if you are from Maharashtra and Rs. 10/- for the rest of India. Of course , as the joke goes, call from hell won't cost anything.

Afterall, it's local.

Gimme your money, punk!

Lest i start sounding like yet another cricket fanatic, let me assure you that i am bigger fan of football. But the India-West Indies series that's being played out currently did bring forth a very disturbing development. A lot has already been said about Prasar Bharti (Doordarshan) demanding the live feed of the cricket matches from Nimbus Communication. Nimbus, who had won the telecast rights for the series from BCCI, rightfully refused to share the feed based on certain conditions. The case went to the Delhi High court, who ordered Prasar Bharti to telecast the match with a delay of 7 minutes.The argument put forth by Prasar Bharti is that millions of Indians who do not have cable television would not be able to watch the matches being beamed on Neo Sports, a channel owned by Nimbus. Apparently, according to PB, Nimbus is being 'unpatriotic' by refusing to share the feed.

Makes me wonder if our country is heading towards fascism. A company spends millions of dollars to earn the rights to telecast the matches. Prasar Bharti , like a vulture, waits on the sidelines for the bidding to get over. When the right moment comes, they swoop down, citing ‘national interest’ to get their share of the pie.

Evidently, PB will earn loads of cash from the advertisements that run during the matches. Which is what the whole ruckus is about. MONEY. No efforts would even be made to improve the quality of the telecast. It is still not clear if Nimbus will get any share of the revenue generated by PB through ads.

Make no efforts, invest no money, get the government to side with you and steal someone else’s hard earned money. And then lie on your lazy backs, content with the great ‘service’ that you have done to the people of this country. And of course, the money getting accumulated in the dark closet in the backroom helps too.

What could we have possibly done without such patriots?

Second Innings

This is a comeback. Like a cricketer who failed miserably on his debut in an international game and had to go back to the grinds of domestic cricket. He toils hard to earn a recall.Years later, he gets a call. A much awaited comeback to the national team, as a veteran in the second innings. Stuff dreams are made of.
The difference here is that i am still a novice. Also, it won't matter if i don't fare well again.
There's always next time.

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