Thursday, March 1, 2007

Momma, i have a question for you..

Ever wondered what is this universe? From what it has originated, why it has originated, where is it present? Even if there are infinite number of universes out there, they have to be 'in' something, rite? Why are we even here? [Now that's something even my friends who read my blog ask me sometimes ;) ]
The Big Bang theory tells us that the universe originated from a primeval atom. So i wonder, like an inquisitive and irritating kid, how was the atom there in the first place? Strong case to become spiritual and believe in God, nooo?O' Lord, thou's prodigal son has returned to thee.

My humble take on this matter is that there are so many things that are beyond the human brain. Our brains, due to the physical size and maybe structural shortcomings, can only understand and comprehend things to an extent. Our scientists will keep discovering and coming up with theories, till we reach a dead end one day. Not so much in the near future, but maybe a billion years down the road? Unless we start evolving into creatures with huge brains, this will be a distinct possibility. To fit in these huge brains, we need to start sporting big heads.In that respect, i am glad that i have at least started contributing for the benefit of mankind.To this day, i find it difficult to find a hat to fit my head ;)

Coming back to the cosmic conspiracy theories, presently we just aren't equipped to handle the heat. Today, if say an intellectually superior alien decides to be kind to us and try to decode the whole mystery for us, we still probably won't get a thing. In all probability, we are too dumb and insignificant in the larger scheme of things.No presentations, no hypnosis, no other techniques to explain these concepts would work with us. It would be kinda like us trying to explain the Theory of Relativity to a pigeon. Or the concept of Internet to a cow. Or the concept to peace to Pakistan. Not much hope, eh?

PostScript: Although i have peppered this post with silly jokes, i was always fascinated by these questions as a kid. I used to try to think deep and read stuff from books ( no Internet access those days). Towards the end, i used to get a sinking feeling and used to rush to my mom to change the topic and get back to normalcy. Wonder who the lucky bastard would be who gets to know the answers to these questions?
BTW, check out the link provided for Theory of Relativity. This is probably the first time ever that my pint sized brain got an inkling of this amazing postulate.Check it out.


Ravi said...

Dude...quite an interesting post.Brain-scratching one!!Stories of science fiction that could end up being true some the ending in MIB-1 where aliens are playing marbles with different solar systems.I liked the part of the bigger head,bigger brain.But Darwin actually attributes the shrinking of our brain as part of the theory of evolution.But i know quite a few big heads who are no better than a ram.
I guess we all ask those similar questions as kids (maybe this is one of those mysteries too!!).But me being good at procrastination even then...left the books to themselves & then there was a small matter of saving my grey cells from extinction for future great deeds.
By the way a few things that got my brains disturbed these days...maybe u cud get them in some of ur books
(1)Greg Chappell's Theory of Humiliation to Greatness
(2)Dame Helen Mirren going "commando" to get her Oscar
(3)P Chidambram's budget 2007 and how it benefits me.

Binesh said...

1. Greg Chappell is a strong and a wee-bit bull headed individual who is not alien to the concept of greatness. I think its time to leave him alone, the coach is not the one who plays on the field. And Ganguly deserved to be dropped, but without the humiliation.Chappell rightly got the 'chappal' for that.
2. Dame Helen Mirren going 'commando'?? Who gives two hoots about that :)
3. Chidambaram is a manipulative creep. Don't even get me started on him. I hope that the UPA alliance get thrown out of power. First reservations and then this.

seeta said...

hey interesting topic..makes u wonder how did we come into existence. wonders of birth and evolution surprise and help you retain humility. It somehow makes me believe, there simply exists a force behind all these..what we acknowledge as GOD, faith and confidence.. we still have so many unanswered questions, pyramids, easter islands, rituals, customs, mystique forces, spirits and so on and so forth. I really wonder how many more questions will we ask and discover facets of this universe this mystery called LIFE...till then, ponder on..


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