Monday, February 19, 2007

Hooked to TV.

Overheard during the 3rd ODI between India and Sri Lanka, India's very own legendary cricketer and a veteran of 4 tests, Atul Wassan , now acting as a television commentator cum expert on Neo Sports :

Robin Uthappa plays a fine hook shot to the boundary.
"Uthappa is a good hooker"

Now this is news for some of us. That's taking the role of a multi-utility cricketer to new heights.

Within moments, Uthappa gets caught off the bowling of Maharoof.
Mr. 'Haven't been there and haven't done that' says, "Maharoof tastes first blood".

Conclusion: The hooker was a virgin.


Ravikumar Lakka said...

Quite a while back i heard this line--"What do they know of cricket..if only Cricket they knew." Rephrasing it --"What would we know about Expert comments if only we heard of the Chappels and the Benauds".
With NEO assembling such an expert panel like Arun Lal, Wassan,etc., we should be treated to the usual quota of gems they regularly dish out.
BTW, that virgin hooker part was too good!! ROFL..hahahaha

Feroz said...

He he , gud one. another esteemed addition to the elite club of Arun Lal, Sivaramakrishnan, Srikanth, Amarnath, Sandeep Patil. I had to confess though that I listen to these guys once in a while for sheer entertainment value :)

Binesh said...

N how can u forget 'Arrrrravinda' fan Ranjit Fernando? [:d]..n thankfully we don't have to listen to Sidhu paaji anymore..i have had to repair the volume control on my TV many times ( due to excess usage) when he used to commentate.

BuD said...

I heard that too and I was myself quite surprised how he could say that and even probably get away..with no unusual discomforting silence in the box. Sharp shooting !!

Lakshminarasimhan said...

Good one .. But moving from Virginity and hookers to maternity, Sandeep Patil once famously said "Mujhe bahut dukh se saath kehna pad raha hai ki BCCCI ne Sehwag ko godh (adopt) liya hai " :-p ...


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