Monday, October 20, 2008

Back to Pune..

..feels good to be here, even if only for a day.
Had started out my career here as a college graduate. I remember my mom packing up my stuff and helping me move to a new city. Trying her best to hide her tears, and encourage her son who was nervous about moving away from his house for the first time in his life. I still remember the first day at Infosys, when i alighted from a bus alongwith dozens of other dreamy-eyed aspirants trying to make it big in the IT world.
Carrying just a college backpack, a notepad and a pen. And the dreams of making it big one day. Plus the fear of the unknown. The date was Oct 13th,2003.

And by the quirk of fate, i have come back to the same city after nearly 3 yrs ( i left Infy on Dec 9th, 2005). The date is 20th Oct, 2008. And i am still carrying a notepad and a pen in my backpack. Additionally, i am also carrying a laptop in it. And instead of a bus, i am travelling in a company arranged Toyota Innova. And i just completed a project presentation for some of my juniors, who are as dreamy-eyed as me and my colleagues were, back in 2003.

I guess i have progressed a bit. Just a li'l bit. In my career, in my life. Although i have thought about this at some point or the other, this is the first time i actually realized..
..the journey has well and truly begun.

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