Thursday, February 22, 2007

Everything's fair in love, war and national television.

And i thought only the Indian television based media goes to such lengths to attract viewers!
Come to think of it, the fact that the poor lady agreed to chain herself for the journalist and his crew raises a question. Was she coerced to do this or was the desire to get featured on national television too hard to resist?

These days the standards of some of our television news channels, especially the ones broadcasting in Hindi, have fallen to a new low.Some of the news stories reported in crimson red and bold letters as 'BREAKING NEWS' are like one liner jokes. 'Aishwarya Rai marries a plantain tree', 'Jayalalitha adds 10 grams to her 500 kgs frame', 'Thackeray cousins fight over a pencil', 'Chappell exercises his middle finger'( no pun intended), 'Sehwag losing his hair ( and runs) @10 per day', 'Amitabh's pet dog growing increasingly jealous of Amar Singh'. Ok ok, i made up some of these lines.But they may be true, who knows? Especially the Amar Singh one. Dogs don't take kindly to new pets.

These channels have made a habit of sensationalizing even the most trivial matters. I remember seeing a news channel actually running a special program damning a popular cricketer one day after a failed innings and asking for his expulsion from the team. The very next week, after the guy performed well on field, they ran a special show highlighting how good a player he is! One news channel had brought in an out of work movie actor to enact (must add, rather pathetically) the war between the Ambani siblings.

One particularly sad incident was when a group of media men were accused of inciting a man to set himself on fire. I had seen the footage on TV. It was gruesome. But no one will ever know if he did it himself or if he was coaxed to do it. Makes me wonder if some of these so called onsite 'reporters' have any ethics at all. Not only as journalists, but even as human beings! Even if they didn't prompt him, they could have at least prevented him from a certain death.

On the flip side, some of these shows are hilarious to watch. Even while covering non-events, some of the wannabe reporters behave as if their ( and our) lives depended on it. Especially when it comes to filmy weddings/parties. Such fun.

On a final note, coming back to the much debated marriage of the actress to a tree. I think it was very logical of her to marry a banana tree, due to biological reasons. Imagine her marrying a pineapple and the subsequent carnal desires. Ouch!


Ravi said...

Rightly said,these news channels have made a mockery of what ought to be FLASH NEWS and BREAKING NEWS. It seems even the news channels have become daily soaps & somewhere it has forgotten its purpose.As for those immolation scenes these reporters cover, they also need to be made answerable for cashing in on these footages inspite of being there and behaving as if a mere spectator.

And for those really interesting, breaking news that u gave,they might be possibly true.
At Jalsa, Amitabh Bachchan's residence, the humble dog might have lost its tag of Man's best friend to Amar Singh.
And about the actress in question, a pineapple may give her more than a PRICK. Wonder if it would be called a gang-bang???

Anonymous said...

News Channels these days keep flashing news: common lingo used "Breaking news".
The other day I was watching a news channel(it was supposed to be one),I just found it unbelievable.
There was a bouquet which was being shown again and again with much fanfare.It was later "proclaimed" to be the one which was gifted to a leading actress by her "so called boyfriend" on her birthday.
This is just a small insight into the so called news network of today.There are so many such instances.Guess, we need a break.

Reporters I see just wait for opportunites like above to showcase their skills.

I guess,our media need to shift their attention to bigger and more useful information,which can be rightly adjudged as "NEWS".


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