Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Clash of the Titans.

Tonight, two of my favourite football clubs clash in a mouth-watering Champions League encounter. Yes boys, its Arsenal vs AC Milan.
Unfortunately, it is a tad too early for them in the competition. These teams deserved to meet in the later stages.
So many individual battles to look forward to. Kaks vs Flamini/Gilberto, Fabergas vs Gattuso, Adebayor vs Nesta, Pato vs Toure and so on.
The only lowpoints are the list of missing (injured) players ( Dida, Van Persie, Rosicky etc) and the patchy form of both the teams.

But it is gonna be one special encounter. Whom do i favour more? I wouldn't be able to answer that one.

May the best team win!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Better late, than never.

Let's save him, before it's too late.

It would be too much to expect this from our corrupt ,unconcerned and inept ministries. I just hope that for the sake of this magnificient creature, the rest of world does exert pressure on our government to save the tiger from extinction.

We owe it to our kids. And to Hobbes.

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