Monday, October 11, 2010

Ramblings from the heart

She doesn’t have to do it. There aren’t any such expectations from her. She is not under any obligation whatsoever. No social etiquettes entrusted on her, no moral compulsions developed with time spent in the society, no sympathetic gestures anticipated, and no acts of kindness awaited by me off her. But nevertheless, she still does it.

She smiles when I call her. She laughs at my silly jokes. She loves the mocking noises I make, the silly tones I use, the ludicrous lyrics I come up with or the audacious tunes I fit those in. She loves them all. Her eyes light up and her smile extrude the warmth that cannot be gauged with anything, but a loving heart. At times, she even seems to exhibit a bit of shyness at her overt admittance to my foolhardy histrionics.

But smile, she does. And it’s her heart that decides on this act, not her brain. No one taught her that, she is too young to comprehend the need to acknowledge an act from another human.

But I do know the reason why she does it. It’s because she likes me. And I certainly hope that she will grow up loving me. With the same heartwarming and unconditional fondness.

Whenever in life, the horizons disappear,
Darkness looms, in hearts gripped with fear.
Despair not at this frightening sight,
The ordeal shall end with the first ray of light.

God gives a sign that He wishes you well,
A beacon of hope in the world where you dwell.
Cherish the image that keeps your hopes adrift,
Behold the sight of His greatest gift!

The greatest gift of my life. My little baby. Daddy’s girl, Riya.

Post script: I wouldn't blame anyone if my rambling is incomprehensible to others. It's past midnight when i write this, and my mind is half asleep. But i had to write something about my sweetheart. I owe her that much at least. Good night, my li'l angel!

..(Posted the following morning)

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