Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nearing the end of the first month of the new year..

...and it's already curtains for few of the resolutions i took at the start of this year:

1. Thou shalt enroll in a driving school:
It's just been a decade since i started driving two wheelers, so what's the hurry to drive cars? Right, no?
2. Thou shalt go jogging every morning :
It's freezing cold in the mornings over here in Mumbai. Besides, i don't think i am too fat. Also, i got married,so which PYT would even look at me now? I rest my case.
3. Thou shalt go home early from work :
Kaam bahut hai re baba. My company's stocks would dip if i stop working late. It's a question of my dedication.
And oh yes, speedy Internet access is easily available during the evenings.
4. Thou shalt stop making New Year's resolutions :
I wonder why? If only people were as persevering as me!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Mauritian memoirs

If i were to pick one photograph that would remind me of our wonderful honeymoon in Mauritius, then it would have to be this one..

Now, neither will this snap feature as the most scenic one in our collection nor is it well shot. But it just reminds me of the time when we just let the sun fade into the ocean in front of us.

Good music, great weather, and the best companion i could find.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Look for an idiot, and you find ten.

Look for ten, and you become one.

The following is a list of people(s) who have been bugging me no end since yesterday for a variety of reasons:

1. Aussie cric team: Messers Ponting, Symonds , Clarke and rest. Champions, they are, but without the grace and eloquence. Pride is a must but not at a cost of arrogance. Hypocrites, all of them. Give me a Federer anytime.

2. Indian cric team: Cannot last on the crease for mere 10 minutes! Bunch of overpaid and overrated individuals.

3. Steve Bucknor: I will say no more.

4. Common fool protesting on the street: A monk is killed and they try to bring a city to a standstill. I was stuck in a traffic jam for what seemed like an eternity, courtesy a bunch of morons who think that it is their right to disrupt others' lives for no reason at all. Schools are closed, people are afraid to venture alone. All this because someone from some minority community/caste/creed/class/nationality is killed. An opportunity for a bunch of no-gooders to strut their stuff on the street. Shoot them all, i say. Would give me an opportunity to come out on the street and applaud.

5. Mumbai police: Watching the antics of such vermins from the sidelines, with a grin on their faces and tobacco in their mouths. Time for a show of solidarity with their brethrens. Duty be damned.

6. Myself: I let the people listed above affect my mood, my day. Another New Year resolution down the drain.

Look for ten and you indeed become one.

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