Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nearing the end of the first month of the new year..

...and it's already curtains for few of the resolutions i took at the start of this year:

1. Thou shalt enroll in a driving school:
It's just been a decade since i started driving two wheelers, so what's the hurry to drive cars? Right, no?
2. Thou shalt go jogging every morning :
It's freezing cold in the mornings over here in Mumbai. Besides, i don't think i am too fat. Also, i got married,so which PYT would even look at me now? I rest my case.
3. Thou shalt go home early from work :
Kaam bahut hai re baba. My company's stocks would dip if i stop working late. It's a question of my dedication.
And oh yes, speedy Internet access is easily available during the evenings.
4. Thou shalt stop making New Year's resolutions :
I wonder why? If only people were as persevering as me!

1 comment:

Ravi said...

LOL...RESOLUTIONS?? YOU??? Do you mean you need to change?? You are perfect the way you are!! :P
On a serios note,
really good ones...though i hope u do something abt the 1st three.


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