Friday, January 23, 2009

Report card on the resolutions made last year..

Ok, so it's been a year since i made some resolutions to improve my mesmeric existence (or should the adjective be 'mundane'? Calling all dictionaries..). Here's the report card:

1. Thou shalt enroll in a driving school: 10/10
Not only did i learn to drive four wheelers, but i am also a proud owner of a brand new Hyundai i10. A spanking navy blue one. Just realized what i have been missing all these years.
2. Thou shalt go jogging every morning : 00/10
The less said, the better.
3. Thou shalt go home early from work : 00/10 or 10/10
If change the definition of 'home', i would score a perfect 10 in this as well. I spend so much time in my 'office', that i can officially call it my 'home'. My former home can be deemed "The place where the rest of my family reside". I do get to check out their dwelling place once in a while.
4.Thou shalt stop making New Year's resolutions : 10/10
Bang on. No more resolutions. That is my resolution this year.


SridharS said...

Hey dat sounds great.buddy so whenz the treat u gonna sponsor on buying the wonderful spanking 4 wheeler.

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